Garden City Home Remodeling Services

It’s difficult to find the right Home Remodeling Contractor for your new project, and we get that.  Whether you’ve just moved into your new Garden City home, or looking to start on some much-needed renovations, we have refined the process to make it easy and painless.  Our team are certified experts when it comes to Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Renovations, and Complete Interior and Exterior makeovers, so when you speak to a Strom Home expert, just know you’re in the right hands.


Garden City and other Long Island homes go through seasons.  It’s more important now than ever to make sure you home is equipped and built to not only withstand the changing seasons, but to make sure you’re living comfortably whether it’s 30 degrees or 100 degrees.  Let our experts guide you every step of the way to make sure you’re prepared.


Contact a Strom Home Remodeling consultant today and let’s build a home together