5 Home Renovations That Help Home Resale Value
Posted on: 28 Mar, 2017 | by: SHR

It’s true that when we’re looking to start home renovations or give our homes a makeover and make them more attractive, we do it for several reasons.  Sometimes it’s to optimize the square footage of the home, update or perform some needed maintenance, or simply because we want a fresh change, which improves the comfort of the home day-to-day.


Keeping our home in a good overall shape helps ensure that we do not lose it’s value. However, not all home improvements are the same; some will increase the value of our home, and others will simply make selling the home easier.


Here we mention 5 important elements of a home that can make (or break) a home sale.


1.      Kitchen Updating


The kitchen is the area of the home that buyers typically target first.  Most of us would like to purchase a home that has a modern and functional kitchen.

If it’s not in your budget to completely change the kitchen completely, you can choose more economical options, like replacing and/or repainting the cabinets, or even just changing out the countertops and backsplash for an impactful look.


2.      Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are another big concern of a buyer.  Depending on the room that the bathroom is in, you’ll need to make sure the style stays consistent with the rest of the home.  Buyers often look for updating fixtures, and a modern look and feel.  Generally, Garden City homes have outdated fixtures and plumbing, and buyers typically don’t want to inherit a mess.  Keeping it updated, or even upgrading can go a long way.


3.      Flooring

Wooden floors are extremely common in most older Long Island homes.  The problem is they are sometimes not maintained well, or have defects which is a general turn-off to prospective buyers.  Some homeowners are now switching to a tile floor, which gives you lasting durability, as well as a vintage look if you desire.  The options are pretty limitless, and Strom Home Remodeling can make sure you’re up to par with both the market and buyer wants/needs.


4.      The Roof

When it comes time to get closer to selling a home, it’s important to have a well maintained and functional roof, as you can get burned pretty bad when it comes time for inspection.  Garden City homes go through seasons, and pretty harsh ones at that.  If a roof makeover is due, let a Strom Home expert consult you on best practices and an estimate on a roof project before it’s too late.


5.      Windows & Fixtures

As outlined earlier in this posting, Long Island homes go through some pretty harsh climates.  With the age of most homes being built in the early-mid 1900’s, some homes still have original windows and fixtures.  This can pose a problem for a new home buyer with a new family; they want to be sure that one of the most important pieces of their home protecting them from the elements is in tip top shape.  We’ve been hit by mother nature in the past, so before you sell your home (or if you’re updating your current home) let Strom Home install hurricane proof windows, and the proper fixture to keep you and your loved ones safe!


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